Saturday, June 27, 2009


I know I am a terrible, faithless blogger, but I need to pop in and tell you all that I've changed my blog address. When I started up the blog in 2006, I didn't think anyone would ever read it. I called it "the Blethering Place," regardless of the fact that there is a tea room in Victoria by the same name.

But now that the blog has been open for a couple years, and I occasionally have readers, I'd like to change the name to one that's not associated with a real, honest-to-goodness business.

You'll be able to find me at If you subscribe to the blog, well -- you're on your own there, honey. I imagine you'll have to re-subscribe to the new address. And if you have lost all faith that you will ever again be entertained by me, this is a convenient excuse to just bow out altogether, and perhaps I will just assume that you were lost in the shuffle. It's a win-win situation, really.

And if, God bless you, you have actually linked to me somewhere out there (on your own blog reading list, perhaps), you will have to change my address.

Just give me one more chance. I do plan to start blogging again. Very soon.